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Whistler Horizons is a bespoke travel planner for exclusive luxury travel to Whistler ski resort. Discerning travelers seek to expand and enrich their lives, without compromising the consistent and comfortable service that will enable them to enjoy Whistler ski resort to their fullest.


Whether your planning your next Whistler ski getaway, a holiday stay or a luxury tour of Whistler’s forests and best ski runs – our focus is to give you the best that Whistler has to offer. Our selection of Whistler ski packages, luxury Whistler hotels and accommodation as well as our partner suppliers allow us to give you the best experience at Whistler.


Whistler Horizons has specifically been designed for the sophisticate whose main objective is to experience the very best. When the mundane or second best will simply not do, you seek to find the ultimate in experience, accommodation and personalized service – essentially every aspect of your travel. Accept Your Invitation to Luxury and have our team of experiences professionals cater to your needs and fulfill your requests for your next trip to Whistler ski resort.

The world is yours. Let us help you play in it!



Trip Planning


Private ski guide & Whistler Heli Skiing

Bespoke planning of Whistler ski packages

Personal creation & booking of exclusive tours

Booking of ski school, rental equipment & lift tickets

Booking of other in-resort activities

Access to the best suppliers in Whistler ski resort

Luxury Touches


The best of Whistler hotels & accommodation

Booking of private homes & chalets

Personal concierge services

Personal driver & heli-ski helicopter

Booking of flights & transfer

Access to personal staff & services

Personal welcome on arrival (conditions apply)

Personalized Welcome Pack

Personal full-access Whistler representative




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Be Inspired & Create the Stories of Your Life


Getting to Know You


At Whistler Horizons we truly believe that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Each of our guests is unique, so the Whistler Horizons concept always begins with a consultation where we learn more about who you are and what it will take to make your travel dreams a reality. No two guests are the same, consequently no two itineraries are the same. But, like you, they are each unforgettable! Our planning process may include the booking of flights, private ski guides, Whistler heli skiing, creation of bespoke ski packages and unique experiences. 




We use our strong expertise in travel, planning and lifestyles to create a bespoke itinerary tailored to your unique desires. We consider travel time, seasonality, and budget, but we also explore innumerable possibilities so that you can be confident that your destination, itinerary and experiences along the way are ideally suited to you. As with any collaboration, the greater your involvement and direction, the more successful the outcome. And the sooner we get started on your journey, the better the results. We can explore unique experiences, uncover once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and incorporate your preferences and vision into the final product.




After our initial consultation, we will follow up with a simple recap of our conversation to ensure the information collected is accurate, including sample itineraries from the destination(s) we discussed, and relevant online references. The sample itineraries provide insight in to how others have structured their own journeys, and how your own could be similar or different depending on your interests.


Your Travel Itinerary


Once you’ve decided where you’re headed, we collect Whistler Horizon’s forms along with your travel planning initiation fee, and officially commence work on your personalized itinerary. Where you’ll stay is paramount — hotels, villas, remote retreats, etc. So we’ll start with accommodation and then incorporate transportation and touring. At Whistler Horizons, we work in this order so we’re able to execute a vision rather than just your average schedule and stop-overs. Airfare is next since it’s the least flexible. If you’d prefer to use miles/points for your airfare, we will attend to air travel first as the award availability may decide your travel dates. We collaborate and communicate throughout the process to ensure what we design reflects your vision. Once everything is exactly as you wish, we secure the arrangements with a deposit.


The Final Touches


About two months prior to travel, we begin thinking about accessorizing — anything from dining reservations to spa appointments to babysitting. These are the unique and intimate details of a trip that make it effortless and inspiring. At Whistler Horizons, we love getting into the details. When every detail has been finalized, we’ll send the final invoice for our services and prepare the final documentation to be shipped or delivered one to two weeks prior to travel.


Confirmation & Deposit


The cost of airfare is almost always due in full at time of ticketing. For comprehensive land itineraries only a deposit is due once the proposal is approved. The amount of the deposit and final payment date are dependent on the destination and travel supplier, but generally speaking, deposit will be 10-50% of the total trip cost and final payment will be due 45-90 days prior to travel. Our travel planning fee initiates the start of your trip and is paid upfront. Any additional services we provide, like ticketing fees, concierge reservations, or additional research are invoiced once all travel planning is complete, usually a few weeks prior to your departure.


Follow Up


After you return from your travels, you are our best source of up to date information on service providers.  How was the airline experience?  Were the beds comfortable at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler? How was your ski experience in Whistler Blackcomb?

Share Your Feedback

Consult our travel professionals:

Contact us today to consult with one of our travel professionals about one of our trip itineraries or create your own unique luxury travel experience to Whistler. Our Vancouver offices are open 5 days a week from 9am-5pm Pacific time. Feel free to call our toll-free number and leave us a voicemail on our off hours.



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