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How To Properly Dispose of White Goods

White goods? What is meant by “white goods”? That term usually refers to electrical appliances that are big, bulky and burdensome. Think washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, clothes dryers, air conditioners and the ilk. They may not actually be white, but their predecessors usually were, hence the overall nomenclature. Now their connection is their size. Whatever their colour is, doesn’t matter.

Because of their size, white goods are difficult to remove, either from one room to another, or to get them out of the house altogether. Refrigerators and washing machines (etc) don’t last forever, so eventually they will stop working, and they have to be removed when shiny new ones have to be brought in to replace them.

We usually don’t have any reason to keep the old appliances, they are just going to take up valuable space. Even if they are not working, they can be recycled. If done properly, recycling prevents toxic materials from contaminating and affecting the environment. They can also use recycled materials to make new products. Consider this option, and how you might be able to make it happen.

If your appliance is still operative, there might be someone in the family, or a charity, who could use the appliance you don’t want any more. Check around before you consign the appliance to the scrap heap.


So now that you have decided what to do, the question is, how to do it.

They are usually heavy, as mentioned earlier, so you and the spouse can’t just pick it up and carry it out of the house. Can you make it any lighter, for example removing parts that can be easily removed?

Next, work out the logistics. How are you going to get it out of the house? Is there enough space to move it through the house without bumping into walls or doorways? And down the stairs?

You need the correct equipment. Most likely this will mean at least one other human being who has suitable muscles and strength. You may also need a lifting trolley, and don’t depend on the appliance just resting comfortably on the trolley. Strap it in. Don’t give it an inch of moving room.


Don’t be in a hurry. If you rush, mistakes may occur, and by extension, injuries. Make your plan before you start, and move items, pets and little people out of the way.  Do you think you will be able to do this on your own? Do you think it would be a good idea to ask a professional to help?

“I don’t want to pay a professional remover!” OK. Would you prefer to hurt yourself, your family, your home? That would possibly be a heavy cost you can prevent. Professionals, like the white goods removal Canberra experts, have the knowledge and equipment (and the muscles) to do it properly, quickly, safely. They also know about how to recycle the items safely. Think about it.