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Your Pets and Your Carpets

Pet ownership in Australia rates highly. Really there are more homes that have pets, than homes that don’t have pets. So pets have to be taken into consideration in so many ways in our lives. A big consideration is getting the flooring that is right for you and your pet.

You might think that tiled floors, or timber floors are better choices. You think they are easier to keep clean. But they might be difficult for pets to deal with. They are hard on their feet, and may cause discomfort. They can be slippery, and again cause discomfort, perhaps even accidents if your excitable pup loses traction and slides across the floor into the china cabinet. The sound of doggy nails against the hard floor will give you a clue that Fido is in the room, if you think that is a good thing.

But for comfort, for less strain on feet and legs, both for yourself and your pet, carpet is a very popular choice. Especially if you and your pet are in the habit of stretching out (in summer) or curling up (in winter) on the floor for a nap.

Carpet retailers will give advice on the types of carpet that you can use. Loop pile carpet should be rejected, as should the shaggy pile. This can be snagged on the pet’s claws. Nylon carpet is durable and cleans well, and is usually cost effective. Wool carpet also is worth considering. A carpet tile floor can be easily repaired by replacing individual tiles, as necessary.

Some carpets have been treated to be water resistant, so that quick clean-ups can get rid of stains from pet faeces, urine or vomit.

Should you match your carpet colour to your pets?

This is the ultimate answer for those situations where the pet is the most treasured feature in the room. Of course you should! Fifi is a beautiful blonde with golden highlights. Give me a carpet that will match her colouring!  Then we won’t notice when her hair falls all over the carpet.

However probably the best choice is a shade in the range from mid to dark colouring. In this way you might disguise the appearance of pet hair, and reduce the need to vacuum so often.

That’s all good for the pampered lap dog who spend their days indoors. What about …

The Outside Dog

They run around outside, digging in the garden, getting grass and foliage in their fur, and dirty feet. Most of the time they stay outside, but there are times they want to be inside. Put down doormats so they can wipe their feet …. Good for you if you can train them to do that. But some of the better quality doormats can remove the better part of the dirt that the dogs might try to introduce into the living room.

In any situation, lap dog or outside dog, your carpet will develop a doggy smell.  It is advisable to get your carpets deep cleaned regularly by a professional carpet cleaner with a stain and odour removal service, who has the equipment and the knowhow to restore any and every type of carpet to look and smell its best.