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Some Real Benefits of Pressure Cleaning Your House and Property

Did you know your home is in a constant battle? That battle is with the environment, and without your help, your home will always lose. Years upon years of blazing hot sun does its damage, as does hundreds of rainstorms, tonnes of wind blow dust and debris, the work of burrowing insects, trees with fallen leaves and sap, and animals and birds, as well. All of this, over time, degrades the look of your house and the strength of its protective coatings.

Pressure Cleaning your house can make it look clean and sparkling and an envy to your neighbours. That’s a very major positive benefit, but not the focus to this blog.

We’re going to look at some of the other benefits that Pressure Cleaning can give your home and property.

Pressure Cleaning Your Home Can Help Prevent Expensive Damage

Water is a funny thing. On the one hand, we need it to live. On the other, it can destroy. Water causes wood to rot, metal to rust and it can erode rock and soil.

It can also cause mould to form and spread over your surfaces, both interior and exterior. One of the many negatives about mould is that it can eat away at the paint covering your exterior surfaces. That paint isn’t there just to make your house stand out and look pretty. It’s like a protective skin between the environment and the surface itself. Once the mould starts eating away at the paint, the protective surfaces becomes more and more compromised, leaving behind the unprotected exterior surface underneath. The unprotected exterior is now open to the environment, and as we’ve already said, in a battle with the environment your house will eventually lose.

It will just lose far faster without the paint protecting it.

Pressure Cleaning Can Actually Improve Your Health.

We talked about one of the negatives about mould in the previous example. This is a second negative. Mould can also be harmful to your health; as can algae, dust mites, pollen, bacterium and fungus and many other things, particularly to people who have underlying breathing issues, such as allergies or asthma.

Making sure you have a scheduled pressure cleaning of your exterior surfaces will get rid of these things, thereby improving the health of everyone living inside.

Pressure Cleaning Can Prepare Your Exterior Surfaces For Other Work

If you want to paint your surfaces, whether they be exterior surfaces, or wooden surfaces like your fence or decks, you first need to ensure you have a completely clean, smooth surface. Painted wooden surfaces are usually not something that you would pressure clean using a high pressure cleaning water jet, because the force of the water will scrape the paint right off … but if you are going to repaint it anyway, then high pressure cleaning will ensure a complete clean and smooth surface ready for your first coat.

Also, if you want to seal your concrete driveway, performing a high pressure driveway clean on the driveway will ensure the driveway surface is clean and smooth and real for the seal.